Mission Statement: McIntosh Marine, Inc., (MMI) was founded in 1979 to provide information and services related to coral reef communities and man-made reefs. Our mission is to provide useful information about how these systems work and about their value to society.
What we do: MMI builds artificial reefs and performs studies that determine the nature and extent of injury to natural reef systems, seagrass beds and hard bottom communities. When appropriate we design, construct, install and monitor artificial reefs for the purpose of restoring or rehabilitating injured areas. These operations may be mitigative in nature or used for the purpose of managing wild stocks of fish and their harvesters.

McIntosh Marine, Inc. scientists and managers also serve as expert witnesses in cases involving injury to marine resources.

Technology: Since the late ‘70s, MMI has performed assessments of coral reef systems, seagrass beds and hard bottom communities that have been injured by ships, dredging or salvage activities. Methodologies include the use of precision aerial photography, underwater photography and photogrammetry, underwater digital video and other techniques. The purpose of these activities is to determine the nature and extent of injury to fragile marine ecosystems, to provide a permanent record of the injury and to use this information as a basis for ascertaining economic loss. Once responsible parties and resource trustees reach agreement regarding the value of injured assets, MMI can assist parties design, install and monitor replacement reefs, seagrass beds or other mitigative structures.

For nearly 40 years members of the firm have used artificial reefs and fish attracting devices (FADs) to manage wild stocks of fish. MMI controls the patent rights to a highly successful fish attracting device. Effective as fishery management tools, artificial reefs and FADs are often used to reestablish equities between primitive artisan fisheries and more efficient commercial operations. MMI can assist client governments develop commercial and recreational fisheries for the purpose of providing jobs and a sustainable supply of animal protein. Artificial reef gardens may also bolster ecotourism as well as provide acceptable deposits of valuable aquarium resources.

McIntosh Marine, Inc. also offers expertise in the use of man-made reefs for coastal protection. Scientists and engineers have long suspected that the engineered placement of artificial reefs may stabilize beaches or reduce their erosion. The firm can assist community planners develop strategies required to plan, design, construct and place needed beach enhancement works.

How we do it: Over the last several decades, McIntosh Marine, Inc. has developed strong relationships with a number of leading scientists, engineers, corporations and consultants. Building on these relationships, MMI offers its clients precisely the right combination of human assets to solve their marine environmental problems. Drawing on experience developed through two decades of active participation within the Federal fishery management system, MMI scientists, engineers and managers offer unparalleled expertise related to the development and implementation of comprehensive fishery management plans

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Contact: For more information about how McIntosh Marine, Inc. can solve your marine environmental problems, contact, Greg McIntosh
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