...and that's the magic of McIntosh Sea-Kites.

Illustration by Guy Harvey

So now that we've made this bold statement, let's get a disclaimer right up front too. No, you won't get fish by putting the Sea-Kite in your freezer, or in the empty pond in your backyard, or on top of your grill. But put one anywhere else where there is a body of water with fish in it, and yes...the Sea-Kite will bring fish. And more than one Sea-Kite will bring a whole lot of fish.

While the Sea-Kite does seem almost magical, there certainly is nothing new about attracting fish to objects in the water. It is an age old process of which every veteran fisherman is aware. What McIntosh Marine has accomplished is to bring several scientific principles together to form one, very low cost system, which works the first time and every time.

In its most simple form you might think of our Sea-Kite as an umbrella drifting sideways under water, with its tip attached to a vertical line, which runs to a float at one end and a weight at the other. And once the Sea-Kite is in place, the action begins, quickly. As her design features take over, the Sea-Kite begins to undulate and pulsate in the current. Fish are immediately drawn towards this tantalizing new environment of shadows and rhythmic movement. The Sea-kite's wings are doing their job.

Swarms of bait form quickly around the system, like bugs clustering around a light, and as this occurs, the big ones are right behind. In a few short minutes you have created your own oasis of fish, where moments before there was only a watery desert.

Countless examples abound of dramatic increases in catch rates as soon as a McIntosh Sea-Kite is in place. In one case, nine times more sailfish were hooked, and in additional documentation sizable increases in many species have been recorded in including mackerel and tuna.

Use McIntosh Fishery Enhancement Systems to put the fish where you want them.

Photo Jeff Howe

A dramatic example of this exists at a well-known marine attraction which has a traditional artificial reef on the bottom with Sea-Kites suspended above the reef. Visitors are continually surprised to see even the traditional bottom hugging species hanging around in mid-water at the Sea-Kite stations.
Testing is a full-time job at McIntosh Marine where two decades of working with Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs) has culminated in this state-of-the-art device. Working in every corner of the globe with governments and private fisheries, we have had opportunities to put the Sea-Kite and its predecessors through the most rigorous and precise real-life tests. Even where artificial reefs already exist, we have shown to the satisfaction of numerous governments and their agencies which depend on the sea for food, that our systems can enhance their fisheries.

Varieties of usage are almost endless. In open waters, fishermen have created "trolling alleys" of Sea-Kites set out in lines. Others set them adrift to attract dolphin, while still others install Sea-Kites alongside piers and jetties or even off residences. Try placing a series of Kites over existing man made reefs to improve numbers and kinds of fish attracted to these bottom structures. Adding profile to your new reefs by means of Sea-Kites appears to accelerate recruitment, too. Your imagination and experience will continually find new and varying users for the Sea-Kites' fantastic fish-attracting capabilities.

If you love to fish, this may be the best investment you'll ever make.

The cost of a Sea-Kite system is as little as a quality rod and reel which, when you consider its potential is phenomenal. Small Sea-Kite models are completely portable and can be put into action from the lightest skiff. Use a combination of simple land lineups, GPS, depthfinder, or surface buoys to mark your newly created "hotspots." And once you've tried our system, you will want your fishing club or tournament committee to invest in a network of Sea-Kites. At right, angler displays K-6 mooring components for use in ocean installation.

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